Advanced Crack Control
Do not worry about minor cracks in slabs.Intermix steel wires provide high stability with maximum crack control even to the smallest cracks in your ground.Thus,you can create liquid-tight and suitable grounds to he environmental and safety requirements.Surface where strain or load exit.

Maximum Fatigue Resistance
The biggest problems of the service in hard and heavy-duty fields are the service life and repair costs.With maximum fatigue resistance,Intermix quarantees trouble-free use of your floor for a long time.This reduces repair costs as well as and extends the service life.

Maximum Load Bearing
Intermix,makes a difference by providing reinforcement along the entire depth of the concrete slab.Steel wires give maximum load-bearing prevent deformation or damage on any surface where strain or load exit.

Maximum Shock Resistance
Specially designed one wire reinforcement systems protect your floor againts impacts from any damage by absorbing shock and provides a smooth operation.

Maximum Repair Flexibility
When you need to repair the slap,our Intermix concrete mixture coating will provide you a practical solution.