lnstallation Mistakes may be in steel mesh!

Do not let your operation be affected because of human factors even it is done by skillful hands.All operation fields are in safe with the new technology of the intermix.
Easter Maintenance
A ground powered by lntermix including deformation and wear resistance, raligue resistance, impact resistance, improved crack control and maximum load carrying capacity shortens the repair time as well as gives easier maintenance advantige.

Long Lasting Solution
One Wire-reinforced slabs wlth maximum fatigue strength and impact resistance. reduces the need tor maintenance. Thus, the slap will be longer lasting.

Maximum Performance
Woık with heavier loads; perform operations that are more efficient.Release on the safety to lntermix. Protects your floor with load capacity, creates a safe working environment lntermix also is fully 15 times more powerful than traditional equipment.

The Best thickness, Senior Strength
The secret of the best performance and durability is hidden in slab thickness. it causes loss of time and money to ensure performance and durability with extra thickness in traditional reinforced concrete slab. Determining the thickness of the concrele with intermix makes you save lime and money.

Logistics Cost Savings
The cost of logistics operations before laying of steel mesh applied in conventional methods is too high. lntermix's allows you logistics cost advantages with its compact and easy to carry in packs of 20 kg.


Saving of Money and Time
lntermix steel wires allııws you to save time and money by eliminating the need for and flooring during construction,contrary to conventional reinforcement mats. Thus minimizing the need of repair.


Work and Workers Health
A surface equipped with high-level of durability and performance by intermix steel wire protected surface also keeps health and safety of workers in the optimum level. This implementation also lets the possible job losses avoid that occur in traditional by preventing accidents.


Even in the worst weather conditions safely!
lntermix also challenges against with high resistance extemal forces that are the most extrame weather conditions. lııterMix. protecting vour flooring against bad weather conditions, offers long term durability, it helps yııu to establish ttıe budget not to seasonal condltions, but to your expectations.