The Strong Partner in Concrete Floor...

Intermix Applications


lndustrial Grounds

Contrary ta traditional strengtheningtechnics lntermix, combines excellent performance and durability by saving time and money as well as the thickness of concrete floors that expose ta continuous loads.

Cutting Jointed Floorings And Glued Screed


One of the most important characteristic feature in steel wire reinforced concrete is toughness; in other words, the energy absorption capacity. Especially compressive and flexu ral tensile stress seen in cut-jointed floor depends on the role of concrete qual ity rather than the role of steel wire. lntermix provides maximum concrete toughness and guarantee the minimum cost.

Jointless Floors


lntermix that has excellent performance in impact resistance and crack control the demanding applications as distribution centers. cold storage and high-bay warehouses allows you ta create su per flat" and self-1 eveling flooring wlth the most reasonab le cost by with a minimum concrete thickness without the need far grid use.

Cold Storages


Cracks that occur on the ground of cold storage are the potential hosting of bacteria, besides that due corrosion collapse may occur on the ground. llıese two cases are the two problems that must not be seen especially in the hygiene foreground places such cold storage.